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Patient Payment Liability Trends and Collection Solutions

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Understand the newest trends for patient payment liability and learn new strategies to increase point of service collections. The health care industry has gone through tremendous changes due to the creation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This law has become a catalyst for consumers to have more control over their health care services, including where they receive care and who administers it. These trends have created a more educated consumer who is now responsible for a significant portion of the cost to administer their own health care, making patient liability harder to collect. This topic will provide a summary of the latest growth trends for patient payment liability and will provide guidance to better understand a patient's financial profile and the challenges they are facing in paying their healthcare bills. This topic will also highlight the options available to improve the collection of patient financial obligations though the use of new technology and best practice collection strategies.


Phil C. Solomon, MiraMed Lyman Sornberger, Capio Partners

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