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Best Practices for Administering I.V. Therapy

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn how to properly describe, identify and care for patients through administering IV therapy.This topic reviews the current standards of practice, published guidelines and administrative laws that relate to the practice of IV therapy. Adherence to these evidence-based recommendations, standards, guidelines and laws (from various organizations and agencies) will facilitate best outcomes for IV therapy, as well as reduce liability exposure. Peripheral and central venous access devices will be discussed; outlining proper dwell times, infusate considerations, and care and maintenance approaches toward reducing IV device-related complications.


Kay Coulter, RN, CRNI, Infusion Knowledge, Inc.



• Utilization and Care Settings

' Hospital

' Long Term Care

' Home Care

' Physician Office

' Emergency Medical Service

Foundations of Practice

• Standards of Practice

' Infusion Nurses Society

• Guidelines

' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

• Regulatory Agencies (Administrative Laws)

' Occupational Safety and Health Administration

' U.S. Food and Drug Administration

• Legal Aspects

' Most Common Claims

' Clinical Personnel ' Scope of Practice

' Breach of Duty Related to IV Therapy

Peripheral IV Access Devices

• Definition

• Short Traditional / Extended Dwell Peripheral IV Catheters

' Preferred Gauge Size

' Dwell Time

' Proper Infusate

' Insertion Tips

• Peripheral Midlines

' Dwell Time

' Considerations

' Care and Maintenance

Central Venous Access Devices

• Definition

• Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

' Definition

' Insertion Technique

' Proper Tip Location

' Dwell Time

' Care and Maintenance

• Non-Tunneled Central Venous Catheters

' Definition

' Lumen Availability

' Dwell Time

' Proper Tip Location

' Care and Maintenance

• Surgically Placed

' Tunneled Catheters

' Implanted Venous Ports


• Evidence-Based Practice ' Not Opinion-Based

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