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Arizona Medical Records Law

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the many different laws that correlate with medical record retention requirements for health care providers.Many health care providers do not understand Federal and State Laws that pertain to medical record retention requirements for hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, rural health clinics, long-term care facilities, and providers who retire or sell their practice(s).They also do not understand what to do when presented with an action for malpractice. This topic helps the persons responsible for entries into the medical record and those responsible for retention of the medical record understand how to create a thorough and accurate record that is in compliance with Federal and State laws. The material also explains how to understand statute of limitations and navigate Litigation Hold guidelines and medical malpractice actions.


Misty L. Coffman, R.N., C.L.N.C, M.S.C.C., Arizona Medical-Legal Consulting, LLC Scott R. Cook, Kolesar & Leatham


The Medical Record

• What Documents Are Considered Medical Records?

• Who Is Considered a Health Care Provider in Arizona?

• How to Handle Medical Records That Are Not 100% Electronic

• Federal and Arizona Laws Regarding Privacy Requirements and Responsibilities

Medical Record Retention

• Recommendations for Medical Record Retention for Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, Long-Term Care Facilities, etc.

• Medical Records Retention Requirements When a Provider Retires or Sells a Practice

• What to Do When Federal and State Laws Conflict ' Which Law to Follow Regarding Record Retention?

• When and How to Destroy Medical Records

Medical Records and Medical Malpractice Litigation

• Understanding Litigation Hold Guidelines

• Understanding the Provider's Duty to Preserve Medical Records

• Understanding the Requirement to Keep Records Until the Statute of Limitations Has Run

• Quality Control and How to Maintain a Complete and Accurate Medical Record

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